In The End

As seen on Compass, ABC TV

Featuring Dr Charlie Corke, author of Letting go: how to plan for a good death. Out now.

“A powerful new documentary … The film is amazing, very sensitively delivered … I really don’t think I can recommend it enough.”
– Richard Aedy, Life Matters, Radio National

“In the End shows us, in a simple and moving way, that we need to think harder about end-of-life treatment. The fact that we can prolong life means that we tend to do so without asking ourselves if we are really doing anyone any good. And if we did ask that question, then the answer would often be ‘no’.”
– Peter Singer

Old people used to die at home, surrounded by their loved ones. Now they are ending up in intensive care, connected to machines and surrounded by strangers.

Intensive Care specialist Dr Charlie Corke is committed to give his elderly patients every chance to
get better, but he knows that sometimes the treatment is only lengthening the dying process, causing discomfort and distress.

This documentary takes us on a journey of a doctor who is trying to balance his own enthusiasm for life-prolonging technologies with an acceptance that, after a long and healthy life, it’s OK to go.

IN THE END is a beautiful and profound film about medical technology, end of life decision-making, death and dying, and the importance of advanced care planning. It follows the journey of patients, their families and their doctor dealing with a modern-day dilemma of our own making.

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